Machining center vertical HAAS VF3 DHE

Brand : HAAS

Model : HAAS VF3 DHE (X1016 x Y508 x Z635)HAAS VF3 DHE (X1016 x Y508 x Z635)

Year : 2005

Options :

Thru spindle coolant
4 th axis 360.000 positions
Tool probe
Tooling package

Specifications :

Gearbox Driven
X Axis: 1016mm
Y Axis: 508mm
Z Axis: 635mm
Spindle nose to table ( min): 102mm
Spindle nose to table ( max): 737mm

L x W: 1219mm x 457mm
T- Slot width: 16mm
T – Slot Centre Distance: 80mm
Number of Std T-slots: 5
Max weight on table: 1588kg

Max rating: 22.4kW
Max Speed: 10,000 rpm
Max Torque: 122Nm@2000 rpm
Drive system: inline
Taper: BT40

Rapids on X: 25.4 m/min
Rapids on Y: 25.4 m/min
Rapids on Z: 25.4 m/min
Max Cutting: 16.5 m/min

Tool Changer:
Type: Carousel
Capacity: 20
Max Tool Diameter (full): 89mm
Max Tool Weight: 5.4kg
Tool to Tool (Avg): 4.2 Sec
Chip to Chip (Avg): 4.5 Sec

Air Required: 113L/min. 6.9 bar
Coolant Capacity: 208L
Machine Weight: 5670kg
Max motor rating 20HP